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Use of swimgala profiles

Use of swimgala profiles

Swimgala performance profiles enable the swimmer and parents, coaches and officials keep track of the swimmer’s performance easily and conveniently.


The use of the profiles for various persons involved is described below.


The profiles can help the swimmer in many ways:


  1. Understand personal strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Set benchmarks and goals to achieve specific timings or qualify for swim meets.
  3. Plan effort and schedules to achieve goals.


The performances shown online can be appreciated and recognized by:

Addition to personal CV

The profiles are proof of the swimmer’s performance and can become part of personal CV, resume or bio-data, which can be useful to the swimmer in several ways.




1. To educational institutions both in India and abroad, especially to institutions like Management, Medical, Engineering, Science, Technology, and other professional courses.

2. To sports training programs.



Of sports clubs.



In both private and public sector.


Job promotions

Especially in the public sector



For educational and sports institutions.



The profiles can help coaches in many ways.


  1. Recognize potential.
  2. Check progress
  3. Understand plus and minus points of swimmer (e.g. strength, speed and stamina).
  4. Effect of age on performance
  5. How long it takes to improve.
  6. Check results of experiments (e.g. weight training, different routines)
  7. Whether performance in competitions matches that in training sessions

Decision making

  1. Selecting strokes and distances.
  2. Suggest improvements in techniques and training.
  3. Anticipate performance improvement in the future.


If many swimmers of the coach have their profiles online, the coach may compare them to understand performance patterns among the swimmers, which may suggest changes in training priorities for entire groups of swimmers.



Swim parents are generally deeply involved in the swimmer’s training, in terms of time, effort and support. The profiles may help them in these ways:

  1. Many parents keep records of swimmer’s performance. Swimgala profiles will save them this effort, as the information is organized and readily available.
  2. Keep track of medals and certificates received by the swimmer.