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Interpretation of data in swimgala profiles

Interpretation of data in swimgala profiles


Due to limitations of body and mind, no sportsperson can continuously improve performance.

There are ups and downs in performance throughout the year.


Understanding this reality, sportspersons set priorities on achieving peak performance at specific competitions of the year. The training periods leading up to these competitions are called seasons. Seasons are generally of a few months each.


The performance profiles on should hence be interpreted in a realistic way:

  1. Donít expect continuous linear improvement in performance.
  2. Accept that peaks alternate with dips in performance.
  3. Both body and mind require rest.

For parents of swimmers

It may be useful to consider the following.

  1. Your children are not professional athletes. They are involved in many activities besides training.
  2. The have to balance their time among many activities and will have gaps in training: on daily basis (studies, training, recreation and time with family and friends) and yearly (exams, vacations, festivals, illness, etc.).
  3. Focus on only one activity will cause boredom and resistance to the activity
  4. In the processes of growing towards adulthood they are undergoing tremendous changes, both physically and psychologically. These changes may affect their performance during training and competitions.

Measuring progress

It is important to measure progress as